February 2022

Apparently life and work happened and so it's already February! Matilda is back after our third lockdown and Secret Lives continues it's filming. Lakeside Murders has been sold to quite a few countries and I am very excited to have been part of the cast in the second season! Can't wait for it to come out! At the moment I'm dreaming of new tv / film work (hopefully internationally) and have found inspiration to write and direct again. The future looks bright - or at least I choose to see it that way. 

New headshots by Vilja Vuolle.

February 2024

A new musical Rikkomaton is on it's way! Get your tickets now to come see the black box version of this current, beautiful and thought-provoking musical. The BA musical theatre students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences shine on stage as the cast of this heartfelt production. Come join us in following the story of young Sebastian as he grows and figures out life and his feelings towards his friend Joosua in a small Christian community.


April 2021

And so time flies and we break from rehearsals for Matilda the Musical. What a joy it was to come together and dance and sing! I miss rehearsing in a group so much these days. As far as filming for Salatut elämät goes, we've got some really exciting scenes coming up! Also, as always, looking forward to new projects. Have a wonderful spring folks!

PS New headshots by the amazing Laura Malmivaara.

February 2021

This year has started off with exciting filming days and next week I am happy to start rehearsals for Matilda the Musical at Tampere Workers' Theatre. Let's hope all goes well and we'll be ableto open in September 2021! Our Valentine's Day Sondheim in Concert is unfortunately canceled. Sending lots of light and hope for a brighter future! Stay safe <3 

December 2020

Christmas is well on it's way! We've finished filming for the year and now I am going to fully enjoy a relaxed Christmas holiday. Next year will bring along more filming (and some SERIOUSLY exciting scenes) and also work in the theatre business. I am very happy to return to an old workplace Tampere Workers Theatre to join the cast of Matilda the Musical, which opens September 2021! Let's hope our industry is fully blooming by then. Wishing you all a wonderful, bright and safe holiday season <3

October 2020

Thank you to everyone in the audience of Sondheim in Concert! We had wonderful night with you all. We will be back with the same show on Valentine's Day 14th February 2021 in Kapsäkki. Welcome all!

On stage with me: 

Julius Martikainen, Jonas Saari, Johanna Martikainen, Martin Segerstråle and Tomas Nunez.

September 2020

Autumn is well on its way! I'm back to filming and started dance classes again. Also, November will bring along a new project: Sondheim in Concert! An evening of songs by Stephen Sondheim at Musiikkiteatteri Kapsäkki. Welcome all!


May 2020

My new website is up! This spring I have gotten to move to Helsinki, work on camera and had the wonderful opportunity to write new work! More about that later!